Trade in Motion Corp.

Our Mission--Helping Canadian Businesses Go Global

Trade in Motion Corp. is a Canadian exporter, Canada Brand member, incorporated in 2012. We offer strategic solution for small and medium-sized Canadian enterprises to take their businesses to the global level.

Through our established distribution channels, we provide value-added end-to-end services to help Canadian businesses export their agricultural products and by-products to Greater China Area.


Global Opportunity

We are excited to introduce a great export destination for high quality Canadian brand products--China!

After a decade of unprecedented growth, consumerism era has arrived in China. Over the next few years, China is moving into an economic scenario where there is a proportion of GDP devoted to consumption. The percentage of GDP in China that goes into consumption is about 34 percent—about half of Europe’s GDP that goes into consumption.


It is estimated that, by 2025, China’s urban economy will generate over 90 percent of its GDP, over 200 of China’s cities will have more than one million residents, and approximately 70 percent of its urban population will be middle class; the urban households in China will make up one of the largest consumer markets in the world, spending about $3 trillion annually. The large growing middle class population in China has driven domestic consumption and consequently, high quality authentic international brand products are in high demand. 


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